When You Absolutely Have to Nail It: How to Give the Best Speech of Your Life

Have you been asked to give a presentation? Why go it alone when you can work with someone who can help make that experience a joyful success for you, your audience and your meeting planner?

Mary LoVerde, a Hall of Fame speaker who’s given hundreds of presentations around the world for such clients as AMEX, Apple, and the California Governor’s Women’s Conference, can show you how to:

  • overcome nervousness and walk in with confidence
  • genuinely connect with everyone in the room
  • illustrate your points with signature stories pulled from your experience
  • customize your talk so it’s relevant to the event and group
  • blend in just the right amount of natural humor
  • organize and edit your thoughts so you finish in the time allowed
  • inspire participants to take follow up action so you produce a shift
  • deliver on your promise so people feel they got what they came for and more

Whether this is your first presentation or you’re a seasoned pro, working with Mary will be the best investment you make in designing and delivering presentations that produce excellent results, evaluations, recommendations and return business.

What’s just as important?

You will learn that speaking is supposed to be fun!

Plan on laughing a lot as you and Mary develop a presentation
that exceeds everyone’s expectations – including yours.



What Clients Are Saying

“Thank you for that very hard, very loving conversation. I needed that backseat driver. I needed to hear some hard things in order to grow.”

– Karen McNenny / Speaker, Facilitator, & Coach

“Mary was truly extraordinary in transforming my ideas into an engaging 15 minute talk to an audience of 350 women. After the speech, I signed up ten new clients. Working with Mary was the best investment I’ve ever made in growing my business.”

– Nicole Seawell, Attorney at Law / Co-Founder, Women in the Mix Conference

“Mary’s brilliance as a speaker transcends into how she coaches. With grace, ease, and humor, she taps into your unique message to help you find the words to support it and the tools to powerfully deliver it in a relevant and eloquent way. She brought out my clearest message and my best self.”

– Jackie Insinger / Founder, Insinger Insights / Professional Member, International Positive Psychology Association

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