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For three years I traveled around the world without a house,
living the motto, “At Home Wherever I Am.”

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Are you feeling out of balance? There's help!

For 15 years, as a busy mother with a demanding career on the faculty of the University of Colorado School of Medicine , I tried the  “superperson  route” and failed. I struggled to keep up, turning to time management, prioritizing, delegating and juggling. I continued to feel overwhelmed and torn apart.

One day, while furiously working away at the computer and shouting at the kids to keep their distance, I realized a startling fact:  In my zeal to get everything done, I had become disconnected from my family, my work, my community, my spirituality, and from the person I wanted to be.

So I adopted a new motto:
When you can’t keep up - CONNECT!

I designed this site to bring you the best ideas I know about how to keep your life in balance so you can have a lighter, more joyful, and more abundant life.

So if you are worried about the quality of your home life, your work life, and your inner life , you’re about to discover that connection works better than the fanciest daily planner you ever fell for.  Toss out the mile long to-do lists- it’s time to connect!


Mary's Life Balance Tips
Do things that make you feel good. Because feeling good is what life balance is all about.
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