I offer innovative, practical ideas that will help us thrive by staying connected to what’s really important. Ideas that make us feel good.

Because feeling good is what work-life balance is all about.

My goals for the participants are:

  • create a personally meaningful definition of work-life balance
  • leave with several specific strategies to stay connected to what’s truly important
  • feel inspired to take the next steps that produce real-world results
  • give themselves credit for all the good they do – and all the good they are.

The interactive keynotes are 20-75 minutes long and can be adapted into 30-90 minute seminars/webinars and half-day workshops.




You’ve organized, prioritized, and delegated. You’ve made friends, linked in and have klout. You’re a veteran of the time-management wars, fighting for the life-balance ideal – and you’re losing! In this humorous and fast-paced presentation, you’ll learn a new work-life balance approach. You’ll leave armed with “works in real life” ideas for staying connected to what matters most.



Emerging research from neuroscience and economics show that the link between a thriving workforce and better business performance is absolutely clear: Happy employees scored three times higher in productivity, sales, and creativity, and felt ten times more engaged. But leaders’ plates are full. Who has time to make people happy? In this fun, interactive session you’ll learn strategies to enhance your own work-life balance and feel more energy at both home and office.



Do you believe there’s more to life- and just aren’t sure how to move forward? In this interactive session you’ll explore what’s holding you back and receive valuable lessons to help you lead the life you want now…not someday. If you are ready to quit what’s not working and kick-start what does then take your next step and say yes to The Invitation.

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“I have been in the convention management business for over twelve years, and have never been so inspired by any speaker like I have been by you. I’d like other planners to understand you have a unique ability to captivate, inspire, and change the lives of people with whom you come into contact. Your presentation received the highest rating I can recall for a closing session speaker. Thank you for making me look so good!”

– Fluid and Power Distributors Association


You’ve read this far, but you still may be saying “Yeah, but let’s get real. Can just one speech really make all that much difference?” I offer three client stories that I hope will answer that question.

The Big Business Skeptic

I have a long time client, who when we met, was the self-admitted Scrooge of Work-Life Balance. We now laugh at his infamous line, “Who the hell hired a blond from Oprah to speak at my convention?” After watching the impact of my first speech at that event, he hired me a month later to speak to his entire company. After my second appearance, he announced that the firm would pay for every employee to wire flowers to the loved one of their choice at the company’s expense. Weeks later he told me how much he had changed for the better. He proudly described how he had stayed home for three days with his wife after her surgery. He admitted it was the first time in his life he had missed work because SOMEONE ELSE was sick! Months later he wrote to me:

“Never before has a keynote speaker ‘connected’ with our partners so successfully. ‘Connecting’ is quickly becoming a standard part of our firm’s vocabulary. ‘Connecting’ is the path many are selecting to implement the values of balancing their personal and professional lives. As is often the case with successful conferences, an organization’s leader gets more credit than he/she deserves. Many participants expressed their appreciation for my ‘visionary leadership’ in bringing you to our group. While not necessarily deserved, such compliments are still much enjoyed. So, perhaps we should keep my initial skepticism our little secret.”

– Managing Partner / A National Consulting & Accounting Firm

Sometimes the bigger the Scrooge they are at the beginning, the more wonderful the transformation.

One Sentence Hits Home

A women’s conference invited me to do a return engagement two years after my first appearance. At the end of my second speech a woman asked to come on stage. She took the microphone and said, “The last time you were here you said to us, ‘To truly stay in balance you have to tap into your passion.’ I heard that sentence and realized that with a full time job and two kids I had not done that in a long time. I love to sing. So for the last two years I have taken voice lessons every week at the community college. And I prepared a song for you.” She then belted out the most amazing song. I mean move over Celine Dion! The audience was on their feet with tears in their eyes.

It was quite an impactful, magical moment… and one that it took only one sentence to create. These are the moments that keep me doing the work I’m doing.

– Boy Scouts of America

Create a Lasting Legacy

And finally, a letter from an attendee of a talk I gave many years ago. She is sharing the impact of an idea I speak about called the “Memory Jar” that brings people closer together with their loved ones.

“Dear Mary,
Eight years after hearing you speak at an American Express function my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. So I used your idea of the memory jar. My two young daughters painted the memory jar for their ‘Nanni.’ We wanted her to read a memory each day to keep her spirits up during chemotherapy. I asked my mom’s friends and family to send their favorite memory of her. On Mother’s Day, I gave the memories to her. We read them out loud laughing and crying. She read a memory each day without fail until she passed away two years later. The Memory Jar still sits on my shelf. Every now and then, my girls (now 18 and 14) and I read the memories again. I hope this stays in my family for generations to come so that all of my mother’s descendants can hear about their ‘Nanni’ and the great woman she was! Thanks for the family heirloom and for the impact it has made on our family.”

– Stephanie Allen / AMEX

I hope these stories bring you a sense of what a speech about Work-Life Balance is really all about. It helps people to see themselves in new ways, open themselves to new possibilities, and brings them closer to their families, their passions and the things that make them whole. It also helps them be more productive, more engaged and happier in their work and in their lives. If you’re interested in learning more, please get in touch.